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What Are Average Closing Costs on a Home?

April 18, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

Closing costs are the administrative, legal and other fees associated with purchasing a home. Most experts recommend that you budget 2 to 4 percent of the total purchase price, but final closing cost amounts can range by state, region and the details of your purchase.

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What Does a 203(k) Loan Do?

April 10, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

A 203(k) loan is a type of home financing that is available to anyone who needs to renovate a property. Whether you want to upgrade your current home or plan to buy a "fixer-upper" property, this type of loan could provide you with the funds you need for your project. 

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How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

April 03, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a home loan that allows you to borrow money against the value of your home. Here's all you need to know about reverse mortgages.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Multi-Family Home

March 27, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

Buying a multi-family home has its advantages. For instance, you can earn money from other tenants while your family lives rent-free. Before you buy a multi-family home, though, you should understand how the process works. This step-by-step guide will introduce you to the basics.

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What is a VA Loan & How Do I Qualify?

March 22, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

Most homeowners have to borrow money before they can purchase a piece of property. Without a mortgage, it's unlikely that you have enough money to buy a house. Obtaining a mortgage, however, can take a lot of time and money. If you have served in any branch of the United States military, you could make the process easier by applying for a VA loan.

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USDA Loans: Everything You Need to Know

March 13, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

If you're considering buying a house, it's helpful to have an understanding of all the types of loans available to you. One option that appeals to many homebuyers is the USDA loan. If you're wondering why this loan is so sought after and what it takes to qualify for it, check out the basics of this loan. Then take a look at what makes a USDA loan different from the other home loans on the market.

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5 Steps to Getting a Mortgage Pre Approval

March 07, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a process that determines whether you qualify for a home loan. It's important to do this before you start seriously shopping for a new home, as many sellers will expect you to have an approval in place before making an offer.

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What Are USDA Home Loans?

February 22, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

USDA home loans are available to low and very low-income borrowers in rural areas. If you aren't able to qualify for a traditional mortgage, you may be eligible for the USDA home loan program.

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6 Things to Look for When Buying a House

February 16, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

Buying a home is an exciting venture, but can come with some pitfalls. To avoid unexpected expenses, you need to perform some basic tasks to ensure that the house is in good condition before you agree to buy.

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Best Places to Live in 2017

February 08, 2017 / 0 Comments / by Contour Mortgage

The best place to live depends as much on livability and job opportunities as it does on personal taste. However, economic, housing and general amenities can put a location in the lead. Based on Livability's rankings, here are the 10 best places to live in 2017.

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